This is a fictious gardening website you can experiment with.

We created a questionnaire with three questions and a few dozens articles to show how Product Finder works. The two links on the side menu points to the same questionnaire, displayed in with different modes:

a) like a standard Joomla component inside the content area

b) full screen mode to look like an App

You are free experiment with the backend to create your own questionnaire, change the rules, modify question type (single answer, multiple answers, required, not required), modify results layout and retrieval parameters (score threshold, sorting, etc).

Have fun but remember that the whole demo site is zapped and reloaded every hour on the hour.

Make no mistake: we're no gardeners much less botanists so, if you find the results questionable at times, that's our fault.

Please use these credentials to login:

backend (administration)
username: demo
password: demo


installed versions
Product Finder 1.4.3